Cefnfaes Centre, Bethesda

Opening Hours

Contact Tom Partneriaeth Ogwen on tom@ogwen.org to arrange a visit.

3D Printer
Laser Cutter
Heat Press
Mug Press
Sublimation Printer
Vinyl Cutter
Sewing and Embroidery Machines

FFIWS Partneriaeth Ogwen will be holding MakerSpace sessions every Thursday in the Cefnfaes building. There will be opportunities to use the laser cutter, 3D printer, T-shirt press and cup press, the vinyl cutter, as well as the sewing and embroidery machines. There will be opportunities to learn skills on the machines and software from various specialists, who will encourage you to explore your own creative potential.

Pesda Stop Motion
Pesda Brodwaith
Pesda 3 D